CompBuoy AS is a R&D company working in the feild of buoyancy and insulation material for deepwater applications.

About Compbuoy

CompBuoy AS originated from research at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology lead by Professor Dr. Andreas Echtermeyer. The company was founded in December 2011 to develop and deliver cost leading insulation and buoyancy material for deep water applications.

Emil Økstad
General Manager
Phone: +47 920 15 122

Dag Terje Rian
Chairman of the board


CompBuoy AS’ patented technology is an advanced mixture of polymer and aggregates. It is currently developed for water depths between 1000 m and 2500 m (3000-10000 ft). Main applications are envisioned as buoyancy and/or insulation for offshore E&P applications, such as risers, arch trays, floating pipes and anchor handling.

Our product meets the requirements for buoyancy materials of API-standard 16F ”Specification for Marine Drilling Riser Equipment”. The technology can be a replacement for syntactic foam and glass spheres. Its density is a bit higher, but it gives the most buoyancy for the money.

If the material is used only for insulation, it can be modified to be heavy providing no buoyancy. This can be beneficial for subsea pipes and components that should stay firmly on the seabed.

Description Properties Expected
Density 650 kg/m3 620 kg/m3
Collapse Pressure 350 bar 450 bar
K-Value 0,17 W/mK 0,17 W/mK
Water Absorption Less than 1% Less than 1%


The focus of CompBuoy AS now is to prepare and implement a pilot and to establish a partnership with selected industrial partners for further development and commercialization.


For general inquires, please send General Manager Emil Økstad an email or call on +47 920 15 122. See also the about-section for list of employees.

Emil S.Økstad

Managing director
+47 920 15 122

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